My Reaction On This Weeks Teen Wolf:

For you die hard Teen Wolf fans out there, I apologize in advance. This is not my educated view of the show, just my spur-of-the-moment reactions to this weeks episode. I have only seen two episodes of this show. The pilot and this one. (I saw a GIF of Stiles and needed context….so, I watched it). So, yeah. Not hating on your show, but this is what I saw. I am a teen wolf almost-virigin, so be nice. 

WTF were you thinking, Scott’s-Mom?! Reaction in HORROR to the son that seconds before you were crying your eyes out for. W.T.F.? Not even cool, Scott’s-Mom (yes, I am aware she has a name, I just don’t care enough to Google it)

SCOTT?! Why the look of shame when your mom did that? Be proud of your freakishness…alright, I know it’s been a particularly rough road for you, young sir, but it was a pivotal moment. You were showing her how to react to your new species. Instead of being all bad-ass and “it’ll be alright mom” about it, you’re all “omg, ashamed, kill me now” and that’s not cool. You’re a fucking werewolf! Enjoy it. 

STIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *sob* If he and his dad aren’t alright by the next episode I’m going to punch something. 

WTF was up with the lizard dude (LOVE HIM, btw) and that crazy old guy who drowned the kid?! The riverside moment felt VERY old school X-Files. I liked it. 

I have a very rough idea of who the hunters are and what they want, but that scene between the chick and Scott was just…strange. He was so “are you okay, omg, you look so upset” and she’s all “I will kill you if you don’t move! *shakes weapon*” and…yeah. Weird. Awkward. Strange. Moment. 

WHY are they allowed into the station when it is obvious that none of them should be there? WHY are they allowed to look at EVIDENCE, alone?! WHY ?! 

Also, last note, the best part of the entire episode was every single scene with Derek in it. HE IS AWESOME. <3 <3 <3 <3. Why does that chick want to kill him? He’s so great. :). Had he been a bad werewolf. *wink, wink*

Overall. Loved it. Might actually watch the next episode too. :).