So, I’ve been seeing an awful lot of Sam vs. Dean postings that are just ridiculous. I get it, there are Dean fans and Sam fans and I’m all for that. My take on the whole thing is simple: I don’t care. 

I love Dean, I love Sam, I love the show, I love the J’s, and I don’t give a damn about anything else. Instead of trying to prove that Sam is being all self-righteous about saving Dean when he shouldn’t be or that Sam is undeserving of all the haters, blah, blah, blah. Don’t care. I love my show and I always will. 

Fans need to learn to just love their babies and understand that not everyone is going to be watching the same show as them, because we all have unique experiences. *end rant*

Friend of mine just discovered Supernatural so I lent her all my DVD’s. I always forget that it takes normal people a while to get through a season. I’m used to marathoning through it in one go. :P.

lol. Reading through some Psychology Today articles and WHAM! Dean Winchester (all the feels from that scene). 

lol. Reading through some Psychology Today articles and WHAM! Dean Winchester (all the feels from that scene). 




ohhh that’s quite good

well, fuck me. 

“Stop,” Castiel tells him and bangs the frying pan down on the stove.

“Stop what? Worrying? Man, don’t think I haven’t been trying.”

“Stop acting like a… like a…” Castiel flaps his hand at Dean helplessly.

“Like what?”

Castiel scowls. “Like a spouse.”

He waits for Dean to lash out, waits for him to make a rude gesture or yell at him. He gets laughter instead. It’s not bitter, not angry. True to his often mercurial nature, the storm of Dean’s mood has been broken and he laughs, leaning on his cane heavily in a way which makes Castiel a little bit sad.

“Oh, man. I cannot believe that you just called me the wife in this messed up family.”


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Dean doesn’t know that the things he thinks make him weak are actually what makes him the strongest. I love Dean because he gives me hope that my weaknesses can also be strengths. 

Jared, sweetie, I’ll defend you til the end of time, but that was a really insensitive tweet and I’m glad you decided to clarify it though an apology would have been nice. Addiction isn’t reliant on someone’s intelligence or lack of it. The psychology behind addiction is complicated and not something you can discuss with any accuracy in the length of a twitter post. Think before you type. That shit gets around the internet faster than anything else.